FreeBlisket™ is a free version of the Weblisket™ E-Commerce Solution with a reduced feature set. Test out the Admin web interface.


Username: username
Password: password

Please view example websites that use FreeBlisket™ and Weblisket™ E-commerce Solutions.

It contains a subset of features provided by Weblisket™ including the following:

* Secure Authentication
* Inventory Management
* Administrative Web Interface
* Email Or Paypal Payment Method Support
* Single Interface For Multiple E-commerce Websites

System Requirements:

  • Java 2
  • JSP Server
  • Web Server
  • OS: Linux Red Hat 7+
  • JDBC Supported Database
Tested Extensively With:

  • OS: Linux Red Hat 7+ and Fedora Core
  • Web Server: Apache 1.3 and 2
  • JSP Server: Tomcat 4.1.xx
  • SQL Database: MySQL 3.23
  • Java: SUN 1.4.x